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Novi Sad Timisoara minibus transfer


A lot of people is surprised by the fact that, with their families, they can enjoy one-day or a weekend trip, very easily and for affordable price, in one of the neighbouring countries.

For that reason, we wholeheartedly recommend Timisoara in neighbouring Romania, which has literally flourished into one stunning, interesting and, in so many ways, significant touristic place for the last twenty years.

As we previously mentioned, it is just a couple of hours away from Belgrade, and it is suitable for visiting at any time of the year. It is equally beautiful, fun and affordable when it comes to the prices of enjoying the exceptional food or shopping in one of the largest shopping centres in Europe.

It is beautiful for walking in wide streets, squares, arranged parks and enjoying warm drinks or refreshments in fine, isolated corners of the cafés and restaurants. We take this opportunity to mention timeless Roses Park, which is located near Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Church, and which is a must-see landmark. Also, there are numerous memorable squares, churches, endowments and legacies that date from the 18th and 19th century, worth of everybody’s attention.

Small Vienna

Timisoara is also referred to as Small Vienna since its central part genuinely resembles the old looks of Vienna with its magnificent and memorable architecture. Each building and legacy have a story of their own, as well as the extraordinary uniqueness which they emanate.

Since it is a city of flat land, don’t be scared by a little wind, because you will certainly experience a full enjoyment regardless of weather. Therefore, make necessary arrangements for your first next weekend break and treat yourself to visiting the city which will fill you with energy till your next trip.

Novi Sad – Timisoara: how to reach “Small Vienna”

Gea Tours has nonlinear minibus transfer on the route: Novi Sad – Timisoara and Timisoara – Novi Sad, with daily departures. Fast and comfortable minibus transfer, based on the principle “from your door to the desired address”. For travelling with us, it is sufficient for you to contact us and book your seat in the minibus.

Dear passengers,

There have been misunderstandings due to the existence of another agency which has the same name as we do, except the difference in the second part of the name i.e. that agency uses the word TRAVEL and we use the word TOURS.

We, GEA TOURS, exist for a quarter of the century and we have been offering our services in the van and minibus sector for the past 18 years now. Therefore, if you would like to travel with us, we ask you to contact us via some of our phone numbers:

+381 11/2686622, 2686635, 2685043, 2643962, 2643840

Cell phone numbers:
+381 65/2686622, 2686635, 2685043, 2643962, 2643840

+381 65 2643962, +381 64 9722449

You can contact us via email:, Facebook, Instagram. Also, you can visit our website: or pay us a visit in person at our permanent address: 65, Kneza Miloša in Belgrade. We work NONSTOP, 365 days within the year.

Thank you for your understanding.

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