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Serbia is a country that is abundant in natural resources, which, as well as its charms, should be fully enjoyed. In one of its farthest dots in the north, an urban settlement is located within Subotica. Palić is named after one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, and the lake itself is located within this urban settlement. According to the legend, the lake is a product of the Pannonian Sea remains, a product of the tears of Pavle, a shepherd, whose flock of sheep grazed there. However, the surface area of the lake is 4.5 km2, its average depth is 2 m and there are three separate beaches.

Many people come to visit the lake, especially in summer, since they find their shelter and escape here, away from everyday worries and obligations.

Salaši in the north of the Bačka region…

Still, Palić surroundings cannot be imagined without salaši, the ones that are famously known in the north of Bačka. The life there used to be very modest and hard. Today, those are the places which are perfect for vacations, where traditional dishes are served, domestic tambourine music can be heard and the best domestic wine is being drunk.

Nowadays, salaši do not even look close enough as they used to, because they are now adapted for the needs of people who wish to escape from the city noise, to rest and relax. For that reason, many of the salaši offer: comfortable accommodation, swimming pools, sports fields, horse-breeding establishments, and fishponds. Palić possesses an extraordinary zoo, restaurants, hotels, villas, čarde, a nice promenade by the lake, historic landmarks of the turbulent past and unique architecture.

Cultural and Art events

Besides, throughout the year, many cultural and art events are being organized, as well as the entertainment ones, that gather not just the people within the country and region, but also the people from across Europe and all over the world. The European film festival “Palić”, which was founded in 1992, under the patronage of Subotica City Hall, is among them. From the very beginnings, the executive production had been trusted with the Open University of Subotica. Out of small and unpretentious film nights, the Open University managed to produce one of the most significant film festivals in the region, as well as the place for many authors of the Seventh Art to come together.

There are also: Etnofest, Summer3p electronic music festival, the Ground level festival of the extreme sports, Palić Wine Festivities and many others.

The place is simply perfect, suitable for visiting during the whole year, and something interesting, for the visitors of all age, can always be found here.

Belgrade – Palić with Gea Tours

Gea Tours organizes nonlinear minibus transfer on the route: Belgrade – Palić, based on the principle: “from your door to the desired address”. Practically, our vehicle comes to your address in Belgrade and takes you to any address in Palić.

You can contact us 24 hours a day and all our contact information can be found via our website page CONTACT.

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