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If you wish and announce that in time, Gea Tours can provide you with the children seat.
– Children from 0 to 2 years old – gratis.
– Children over 2 years old – full price of the ticket.
– Children (who are less than 5 years old or 130 cm tall) must use the special seat.
– According to Law, if the children (who are less than 18 years old) travel without the presence of their parents, they must possess affidavit from both parents.



To all the fans of relaxing (yet filled with various contents) vacation, we suggest Thessaloniki and the Thessaloniki Region in Greece.

The reason we recommend summer vacation in Thessaloniki lies in the fact that, only 20 km away from the city centre, famous holiday resorts are located in the gulf: Peraia and Agia Triada, which are connected by an arranged promenade and lovely sandy beaches. Thessaloniki does not contain much of the ancient ruins, but it is abundant in remains of the Roman and Byzantine heritage, art and religion. Therefore, if you decide to spend your summer holiday in Thessaloniki, you will have a lot of interesting places to see. One of the main historical attractions is the tomb of Philip, the father of Alexander the Great.

Thessaloniki has an excellent nightlife, hence the fact that it is very popular among many young tourists, and the special reason for it are various very interesting bars and clubs which are open till early in the morning.

One more characteristic of Thessaloniki is clear sea and its purity, for which it is awarded the famous European prize – The Blue Flag, that represents a guarantee of the sea quality and its purity. Besides high-end hotels and apartments, the offer is also completed by a myriad of cafés, restaurants, clubs and taverns, which stretch alongside the sandy beach, offering top Greek cuisine specialties, fresh fish, famous Greek wines, as well as the entertainment and good time to guests throughout the evening hours.


Then, there is also fantastic Asprovalta, located in the Strymonic Gulf and it represents one of the most popular places for summer vacations in Northern Greece. The place is 70 km remote from Thessaloniki, located very near Mount Athos (Sveta Gora); consequently, Asprovalta becomes a very attractive seaside destination. Stavros is located 8 km away from Asprovalta; and only 500 m away from Asprovalta, a seaside destination – Nea Vrasna is located. It is situated in the Strymonic Gulf, next to a sandy beach which is 20 km long. An ideal climate, comfortable accommodation, a lot of fish restaurants, cafés, taverns, shops, etc. are just some of the characteristics of this lovely town. Asprovalta is a mix of everything that any visitor could be interested in – golden beaches, crystal clear sea, a mountain, a lake, rich verdancy, a magical view, plenty of archeological and historical sites.

For years, the sea coast of this modern tourist town has been awarded The Blue Flag by the EU. The town service at the highest level, a perfectly arranged beach, the accommodation and entertainment in carefully chosen villas and cultural events organised by the inhabitants will attract even the most fastidious tourists.

The hospitality and open-heartedness of this region’s inhabitants will be felt by every visitor. The richness in tradition can be noticed in every bit of their everyday life, work, dance, poetry, and much more about history can be learned by visiting The Asprovalta National Museum. You should not miss visiting the Church of St. George in which you can see the icon on which this saint is painted. The icon was brought here in the 16th century. Also, you should not miss visiting Stagira, the birthplace of ancient philosopher – Aristotle.


Famously known Stavros, 70 km remote from Thessaloniki, pertains to the municipality of Rentina, the Thessaloniki Region. Located in the Strymonic Gulf, on Cholomondas mountain plinth, Stavros has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years.

A long and wide sandy beach, split into two parts – the beach at the park of platens and the city beach near the new part of Stavros, as well as shallow and warm sea, represents an excellent choice for family summer vacation. Myriad shops, taverns, big supermarkets, an arranged promenade, a lot of entertainment for children and adults, apart from the beautiful beach and sea, classify Stavros as one of the most popular destinations for summer vacation.

Nea Vrasna

Nea Vrasna, that belongs to the family of Greek seaside destinations, located near the small town of Vrasna, should also be mentioned.

It is 80 km remote from Thessaloniki and pertains to the municipality of St. George. The place is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, precisely on the Strymonic Gulf, between the towns of Stavros and Asprovalta, the biggest seaside destination of the region.

The distance between Nea Vrasna and Stavros is 6 km, and between Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta is only 500 m and it is worth the attention of every visitor of Greece and the Thessaloniki Region.

Belgrade – The Thessaloniki Region with Gea Tours

We have daily minibus transfer: Belgrade – the Thessaloniki Region. We have several departures every day, in both directions. Our vehicle comes to pick you up – from any address in Belgrade.
The phone numbers for the reservation to the Thessaloniki Region (and vice versa), can be found via our website page CONTACT. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days within the year. Reservations can be made via e-mail, also via our CONTACT page.

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