We issue Thai visas and sell airline tickets.

Required documents for visa:

  • -passport (valid at least 6 months after the date of planned entry to Thailand)
  • -one photo (the kind of photo that is used for passport or ID)
  • -a copy of the first page of the passport
  • -a copy of the airline ticket or the ticket reservation
  • -filled in the APPLICATION FORM.

The same conditions apply for children visas.

The tourist visa fees:

– The tourist visa, with our services, is 40 EUR.

– The transit visa, with our services, is 35 EUR.

Important pieces of information for obtaining visas:

  • -When issuing visas, personal data of the passenger (that are stated in the Form for issuing visa, alongside the passport data) will be verified
  • -Form for issuing visa and passport are the documents according to which the visa will be issued. Therefore, all the passenger’s data, incorrectly stated in the Form, automatically will be copied incorrectly to the passport, as well.
  • -Consulate and agent do not cover the costs of the new visa if the passenger’s data is incorrectly stated in the Form or if the passenger applied for visa too soon. Passengers should apply for visa 10 – 15 days, or a month at most, before the trip.
  • -Furthermore, Consulate and agent do not cover the costs of issuing the new visa, if visa or passport were destroyed by the passenger before the trip. In this case, the costs of issuing the new visa will be covered by the passenger, again.
  • – Consulate and agent will cover the costs of the new visa, if clerk, when issuing the visa, incorrectly copied some of the passenger’s data from the Form for issuing the visa.

For additional pieces of information, please contact us over the phone, email or come to our office in person.

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Dear passengers,

Few months ago, a GEA TRAVEL passenger agency was registered by our former GEA TOURS driver, dismissed for multiple thefts from passengers and the agency, who has now stole Gea's name. 

There are major confusion among passengers, because the difference is only in the words TRAVEL and TOURS, which indicates tourism.

We sued him, but the court proceedings are slow. While the name issue is not resolved, we ask all passengers to pay attention to the name of the company, the address of the company's headquarters, mail address, especially phone numbers, especially when traveling for and from Timisoara!!!

There are terrible confusion because, when you enter our agency GEA TOURS on google, there is a paid ad of GEA TRAVEL with which we have nothing to do. Our logo is different, different is the email address, there is the different address of the agency's headquarters, the site, Facebook, and others are the phone numbers that we repeat on this occasion 064/97 22 449, 011/2 685 043, 011/2 643 840, 011/2 685 962, 011/2 686 622, 011/2 686 635.
We apologize to all passengers who, because of confusion, had inconveniences with otherwise, in a lot of sense, an incorrect company, which often leaves passengers without transportation from Timisoara, and in advance charge them a return ticket.